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How long does it typically take to spread 2 cubic yards of mulch?

One hour
Two hours
Three hours
Four hours
It depends on the landscape
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Question: How long does it typically take to spread 2 cubic yards of mulch?
Top Answer (43% of 37 votes): One hour.

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Answer: Two hours
Explanation: If your installing it by hand fig one yard per worker per hr. per worker. But if your blowing mulch with a Finn bark blower (302) the average yard per for two workers you can do 6-8 yards an hr.
B- Sharp Property Maintenance
Answer: It depends on the landscape
Explanation: Each & every project is custom designed for our client needs. Please call for a custom quote.
National Site Materials
Answer: It depends on the landscape
Explanation: Can be harder it land is in bad conditions. If it is even and ready to go. It will be a fast job
Creekside lawn service
Answer: It depends on the landscape
Explanation: It depends if the area is open or not. Will take longer if there are flowers and bushes to mulch around.
S&M Landscaping
Answer: Two hours
Explanation: As long as we're just talking about the spreading of the mulch then right at 90 minutes (1 1/2 hours) should be about right. To break it down, 2 cubic yards of mulch would be 18, 3 cubic foot bags of mulch. So, say it takes 5 minutes to put down each 3 cubic foot bag (5 minutes X 18 = 90 minutes)then it would be right at 90 minutes which is 1 1/2 hours. This wasn't a choice so I picked 2 hours.
Green Top Lawn Care
Answer: One hour
Explanation: Two people can spread 1 yard of mulch within 15 minutes usually.
Larry Pierce Lawn/Landscaping
Answer: One hour
Explanation: 2 yards isnt a lot of mulch. 2 guys can easily do this in one hour.
Roop's Lawn Services, LLC
Answer: One hour
Explanation: We are able to use wheel barrows and buckets to quickly lay mulch. We then take a rack to spread while going back by hand to evenly spread mulch.
Clean Up LLC - Landscaping & Lawn Care Service
Answer: One hour
Explanation: We can spread two yards an hour, though some jobs may take longer so we can take extra care and plants and trees. We get the job done correctly and efficiently with hard working ad driven individuals.
Lincoln Mulch Spreaders
Answer: One hour
Explanation: A single individual can spread 2 cubic yards of mulch in an hour.
DG Lawnscaping
Answer: One hour
Explanation: One yard of mulch typically equates to 7 full wheelbarrow loads. Two yards doubles to 14 wheelbarrow loads. That's between 4-5 minutes per load. One man wheeling, and one man spreading should easily spread 2 yards of mulch in an hours time.
Englert Landscaping Services, LLC
Answer: It depends on the landscape
Explanation: All together 20-30 mins
Answer: Three hours
Explanation: depends on the area
Pioneer Seasonal Services
Answer: One hour
Explanation: 1 man spreading can knock out about 2 cubic yards per hour
Answer: Two hours
Explanation: It depends on the landscape that the mulch is being laid, whether it is around a bunch of bushes or just a general area. Any wear from 1 to 3 hours.
West Michigan Lawn & Landscape LLC
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